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Here you can see only a small part of our activities. Visit our social networks to see our active and fruitful work on providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

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Today’s realities in Ukraine, due to the military invasion of the Russian Federation, call for the mobilization of our aid in order to provide a decent rebuff to the aggressor and help the civilian population of Ukraine.


The war started by the Russian Federation caused significant damage to civilian objects. The aggressor inflicts significant damage on the civilian population, contrary to the fundamental principles of world conventions.


For now, we must unite to support our soldiers, volunteers, doctors, and civilians. We will prove to the occupiers that we are strong and invincible, our spirit is unbreakable. We will defend our land.


In the Zaporizhia region, our charity fund, together with other volunteers, have joined forces to provide the Armed Forces, territorial defense, health care facilities, and citizens affected by enemy attacks with everything they need. However, our capabilities and efforts are not always enough.


We are grateful in advance for your indifference and cooperation.




Yaroslav GRYSHYN


You can donate any, even insignificant amount to our bank accounts, listed below! All transfers will go to the implementation of social projects of Charitable Foundation of Yaroslav Gryshyn. Also for convenience, you can donate money by quick transfer using the button below. Glory to Ukraine!

Also, we turn to the cryptocurrency world! Your support is extremely important right now! We ask for the help of every community, fans of every coin, every meme crypto to donate for a good cause and show that the world of cryptocurrency is with our people, with Ukraine! Crypto is peace, happiness!

Our news

Mihailo Prasol – MP from Zaporizhia signed a memorandum in the field of social services with the Zaporizhia City Council!

The occupiers will not pass with such support and love for their homeland Ukraine!

This page lists the current details of our fund with which everyone can support Ukraine. Our fund raises funds for equipment and cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as humanitarian support for refugees from Mariupol, Bucha and other cities of Ukraine, whose residents have suffered the most from the Russian invasion.

Memorandum of Cooperation between our team of the Yaroslav Gryshyn Charitable Foundation and the community of Kyiv region.

The founder of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Yaroslav Gryshyn” signed a memorandum of cooperation between our foundation and the head of the Polog Military Administration!

Another memorandum of cooperation signed between Yaroslav Gryshyn Charitable Foundation and Kamyanka village council chairman

Our charitable foundation has signed a memorandum with Dolyna OTG of Zaporizhia region! A very important event for our team!

We received very important humanitarian aid for our Yaroslav Grishin Foundation from the Slovenian company DONIT. Thank you for the support of our friend and active volunteer Maxim Murastogov!

A MEMORANDUM on cooperation between our Yaroslav Hryshyn Charitable Foundation and the Power Extreme Federation of Ukraine NGO was signed.

Leaders of Yaroslav Grishin Charitable Foundation

Every day we do good deeds together with our professional team!

Co-founder of the fund
Co-founder of the fund


We are open to any questions by E-mail. We provide all documents, reports! Everything is official! For inquiries for help, use our Telegram Bot! Glory to Ukraine!

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